Receive (12) Hour Credit Toward License Renewal

This course is approved by the Board of Massage Therapy for 12 classroom hours of live, relevant and focused on massage therapy techniques

LIVE Course available via ZOOM or in person at:

MuSool Martial Arts
5889 S Williamson Blvd

Suite #1313
Port Orange, Florida 32128


Saturday 8/26 (1 pm – 7 pm) – Sunday 8/27 (9am – 3 pm) 2023

CE Broker Tracking #: 20-986936

In the Muscle Meridian Massage seminar, you will learn to open your patients’ Muscle Meridians to increase their Flexibility, Range of Motion and Mobility; activate muscles; free their neurologic pathways; improve soft tissue physiological processes; free myofascial restrictions; promote musculoskeletal alignment; decrease pain and discomfort with a wholistic focus and intention of improving the functionality of their physical and energetic body.

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