12-Hour Online for Massage Therapist License Renewal


Our 12-hour online course includes the following mandatory hours required to renew your Florida massage therapy license.
* 2 CE hours in Professional Ethics
* 2 CE hours in the Prevention of Medical Errors; and
* 2 CE hours in Florida Laws and Rules

* 6 CE hours in Meridian Power Point Protocols


Energetic Massage (EM) – What is it?

Energetic Massage (EM) is a powerful modality of energy medicine that encourages the body to activate its own natural healing abilities.

EM can be practiced by a well-intentioned practitioner appropriately trained in the practice of energy medicine as established in the time-honored healing arts that are widely-known as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Oriental Medicine, Japanese Acupressure and Ayurveda.

EM requires the collection of objective, repeatable, and perceptible observations indicative of the status of the patient’s health. These include observable physical characteristics and palpation, which in turn may then be simply and powerfully categorized into an assessment and treatment plan.

During treatment the patient’s energy flow is unblocked, stimulated and/or calmed; and their intrinsic energy system is balanced improving their status of health; relieving their dis-ease, stress or pain; and improving their overall sense of well-being. It is in this way the self-healing ability of their body is activated.

In the modern practice of EM the treatment will be focused on the physical and energetic characteristics of the patient’s stated concerns. Before treating the patient’s concerns the emphasis is placed on first balancing the energy in their body. This not only results in a faster recovery for the patients but will also leave them feeling better emotionally. They will leave rested and recharged.


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