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The CE Zone, ignited by a passion for learning and sharing, is a premier provider of lifelong learning resources for health care practitioners.  Our mission at theCEzone is to foster the art and practices of health care practitioners through professional learning that intentionally considers why you became a health care provider . . . because you care … and what is relevant to your practice.  Our seminars are not “sit-and-get” – they are active, engaging, and research-based. We make it our business to provide high quality opportunities for professional learning where hands-on opportunities abound. You will acquire and practice new knowledge and practical skills that you can use immediately to enhance your practice.

What Makes Us Unique?

TheCEzone is a boutique CE provider, not a large impersonal corporation.

  • Our team is committed to providing services that are intentionally focused on the needs of our participants.
  • We offer CEs to a variety of health care providers, delivering what you need when you need it, through live seminars and online courses.
  • Seminars are taught by experienced practitioners who are also acclaimed instructors.
  • Our smaller class sizes and instructor-to-participant ratio allows for more personal instruction, mentoring, and coaching.
  • Our online courses are developed by experienced course design professionals that understand the importance of ensuring that the online content is relevant and that the format is user friendly.
  • Customer service is prompt and personalized.

Make theCEzone your go-to CE provider, where you will enjoy learning while earning your CEs!

Dr. Scott Brown AP, DOM, LMT, CNC
Dr. Brown Skills
Acupuncture Physician 98%
Doctor of Oriental Medicine 98%
Nutritional Consultant 100%
Acupuncture Physician 98%

Dr. Scott Brown

Dr. Scott Brown is an Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Nutritional Consultant (AANC) and is the primary instructor for theCEzone.

Scott’s passion for learning and sharing his art with others is the spark that ignited theCEzone. The seeds of theCEzone were planted in the mid-90s when Doc Scott, as his patients call him, left a career as an environmental engineer to pursue a career more suited to his lifelong commitment to health and fitness. Scott’s unique background and training form the foundation for his exceptional skills as a heath care practitioner and high quality instructor. His undergraduate and graduate studies in biology and biochemistry form the strong foundation for Scott’s understanding of the human body. That, combined with his training and expertise as a successful practitioner of complementary modalities, equips him to impart strategies and practical skills that work in real-life situations to our seminar participants. In Doc Scott’s current practice he works within an integrated treatment setting where he collaborates with other respected healthcare practitioners to enhance patient outcomes.

Doc Scott has discovered, through years of practice, that the concepts of Energy Medicine and use of Meridian Power Points are key to success with his patients. Scott’s passion about this approach for helping his patients is contagious and evident in his seminars that are engaging, practical and fun!

Meet Our Lead Instructors

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What Our Students Have to Say

Wow. This seminar challenged me with new thinking and techniques that will energize my massage practice.
This information is so relevant to what I do and my work with patients. Well worth the time!
Easy to understand demonstration of new techniques I can use in my practice. Great information!
Doc Scott explains and demonstrates new techniques in a way that makes it totally doable! I look forward to applying what I learned with my patients.