Acupressure Point Will Give You An Energy Boost

Acupressure Point Will Give You An Energy Boost

It happens to us all, just about every day. Whether you’re stuck in front of a computer or on your feet all day. Instead of a cup of coffee or a caffeine and sugar laden energy drink. There is an acupressure point will give you an energy boost to keep you going.

This acupressure point is traditionally known as Zusanli”.

The modern English translation is “Leg Three Mile”. According to legend, the infantry sergeants of the Chinese army would sit their troops down during long marches to rub this “point” so that they could march on another three miles.

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Just like the Emperor’s Army you too can use the tonification technique to massage this point to get a quick energy boost at three in the afternoon.

Tonification techniques are used to draw energy or Qi to the targeted acupoint to strengthen its functions or to encourage Qi to flow in the appropriate direction within its meridian.

To tonify a point, use relatively light pressure. You want to engage the point: use enough pressure so that you feel it, with enough depth that you may feel resistance from the muscle tissue below the skin, but you don’t want to go deep into the muscle. There should be no discomfort and definitely no pain.

Zusanli is one of the most frequently used of all acupoints and is the most intensively studied single point for treatment in both acupuncture and acupressure therapy.

Historic texts and modern research coincide in their consideration of Zusanli as a strong and useful point for improving the production and function red blood cell and white blood cells. The consensus is that the point’s proximity on the tibialis anterior muscle adjacent to the tibialis, a flat bone, contributes to its function to stimulate bone marrow to produce erythrocytes and leukocytes.   Thus, Zusanli is considered an essential point for improving overall wellness, relieving fatigue and boosting immunity.

As you can imagine Zusanli a great therapeutic point for treating patients for many concerns that they might present.

Caution: Tonifying zusanli during pregnancy is contraindicated, except at the time of delivery

Give Zusanli a try right now!

Feel the Qi!

On the anterior aspect of your lower leg, about 4-finger-widths directly below the lateral (outside corner) of your knee cap, about one finger-width to the outside of the anterior crest of your tibia (shin-bone) you’ll find a “sore spot” (it’s the head of your “tibialis anterior” or shin muscle) about the size of a quarter. Note: the width of your thumb is a “cun”.

Massage it for 1-3 minutes anytime you need an energy boost.

Acupressure Point Will Give You An Energy Boost



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